Author: Aaron Duvall

Rev. Aaron Duvall is a husband to Chera, father to Harper, and follower of Jesus. He is the Teaching Pastor at Victory Highway Wesleyan Church in Painted Post, New York. He graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University, where he majored in Philosophy. He went on to earn an MA in Entrepreneurial Ministry Leadership from Tabor College.

Aaron Duvall ~ Wrestling with God

I affirmed something that I had said, from the pulpit no less, hundreds if not thousands of times. Something I had quoted in hospital rooms, promised to dying people, swore to college students during pastoral care times, and clung to during some of my darkest and scariest moments. Yet, as I was staring at my wife, who three days before had been diagnosed with what we were told was Stage 3 breast cancer, I no longer had his praise in my lungs, or on my lips.