Author: Tammie Grimm

Dr. Tammie Grimm is Assistant Professor of Congregational Formation at Wesley Seminary in Marion, Indiana. She has a PhD from the University of Manchester, where her thesis was, "Holy and Holistic Transformation: The Practice of Wesleyan Discipleship and Transformative Learning Theory." She is an ordained Deacon in The United Methodist Church.

Tammie Grimm ~ Keeping the Feast and the Fast

Mary Fletcher was the first woman John Wesley permitted to preach in the 1770s. Her journals, diaries, and letters embody the largest collection of Methodist papers in existence with the sole exception of John Wesley’s papers. There are times I’ve wondered if a Lenten fast is nullified by Easter feasting. But in reading Mary Fletcher’s journals, noting the ebb and flow with which she made entries, I understood her seasons of profuse writing were not negated by the seasons of terseness.

Tammie Grimm ~ There I Plant My Foot: Jane Eyre, Jane Austen, and John Wesley

Jane Eyre, Jane Austen, and John Wesley: One of these things is not like the others,                                                                 One of these things just doesn’t belong. If…

Tammie Grimm ~ Celtic Clues to Feeding Body and Soul

The plea and blessing she sought from God wasn’t just hers alone. Guests and visitors who arrived to a home in which the daily chores were being tended greeted their hosts with the Gaelic blessing Bail o Dhia which translates to, ‘God’s blessing on the work!’ The declaration of such a blessing expressed the implicit knowledge that the monotonous backbreaking work was not simply the laborer’s alone but a joint effort blessed by God upon which all of society depended.

Tammie Grimm ~ A Flame of Love: Celtic Christianity Within Reach

If we pay attention to the Celtic woman’s kindling prayer, we realize what she prays for is more than a comfortable home. She asks God to kindle a flame of love within her heart that will reach out beyond herself to include her neighbors. As she attends to the basic needs of her home, she is also looking beyond her family to take care of the needs of others. Her kindling prayer reflects the nature of the Triune Godhead who is whole, complete and integrated as its own self, yet bothers to invite humanity to share in the gift of divine love.