Author: Tom Fuerst

Rev. Tom Fuerst is Lead Pastor at Bluff City Church in Memphis, TN. He is author of Underdogs and Outcasts: A Bible Study on the Untold Stories of Advent. Tom received a Master of Arts from the University of Missouri and a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary. A teacher and a pastor, Tom has a passion for helping others understand the Bible. Tom is a family man who loves Jesus, his wife, and their four children.
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Tom Fuerst ~ Mothers, Sons and the Crucifix

From the seven depictions of Christ’s crucifixion story, to the mother of Jesus holding her infant son as she stretched out her arms to the weeping worshipper, the entire chapel was an invitation to see our sufferings – our very humanity – in light of the fact that neither Jesus nor Mary were exempt from suffering, pain, or death.

Tom Fuerst ~ One Thing White Evangelical Parents Can Do

By establishing the habits of observing other people’s sufferings, of taking time to notice the pain and fear around them, we teach our children a genuinely Christian ethic. And in this, my hope is that they become adults who care about justice and equality for everyone. My hope in conversations like this is to sensitize my children to the lived experiences of others. My hope is that our children grow up able to hear, rather than disregard, the fears of others.