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Kelcy Steele ~ Old Ship of Zion: AME Zion General Conference Address

I’m proud to declare that the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is my church. It’s my church of birth, it’s my church of choice, and it’s the church I love. It is known by many as “The Freedom Church,” and this I do not take lightly. Yet, while no church can ever claim to be perfect, the church must at least strive to be true. By God’s grace the “Old Ship of Zion” has traversed many dangerous and sometimes tumultuous waters since it first set sail in 1796 from the harbor of the John Street Methodist Church in New York City. We gathered and praised God for the safe arrival at the port of the 50th Session of the General Conference.

Kelcy Steele ~ Pastor, Interrupted: What Nearly Dying Will Teach a Minister

And as they were in conversation, all I could see was the blurriness of death, being detached from this world and reaching the light of the union with the Creator. I wasn’t scare of death, because it was as if God was ministering to me through the misery of that night and showing me all the things that I had left to complete and accomplish.